About California Fitness Academy


California Fitness Academy has been in business since July 2006 and has served members from Visalia, Tulare, Exeter, Hanford and other Tulare County communities.  CFA continues to be a private and cutting-edge training facility tailored to guiding its members to achieving their goals.


CFA offers innovative training, expertise, motivation, guidance, organization, and personality We are constantly continuing our education to give our clients the most current and efficient training systems.


Since 2006, owner Justin Levine has been on a mission to build CFA into a world-class fitness and training center.  Not only is CFA recognized as the leading fitness facility in the Central Valley but CFA has a strong reputation throughout the rest of the nation as a respected fitness business.


Whether your goal is fat loss, strength gain, improved lifestyle, sports performance, nutrition improvement or life enhancement, we can guide you through a comprehensive exercise and nutrition program. Our programs are structured to enhance your strength, fitness, and movement and most importantly the quality of your life.


We are MORE THAN JUST A GYM.  CFA uses fitness and healthy living as an avenue to create a positive and healthier community.  We have an extreme passion for our service and we will continue to strive for this upper echelon in the community.



Core Values


Our Core Values guide us to living with integrity, strong character and optimism.  This is how we run our business.


1. Be a TRUE BELIEVER in yourself:

At California Fitness Academy believing in yourself is the first step to be successful in your fitness program.  Believing in yourself is how you can continue to reach new heights of performance.  If you show up to the gym and lack confidence and you do not believe that you can accomplish your goals then you will not improve.  If you always BELIEVE in your abilities, the results will come.  We want you thinking and feeling a certain way and believing in yourself is the first step.


2. Create SIGNIFICANCE in your life and others:

Our coaching team at CFA will create significance with every member who is a part of our program.   The significance we build will allow us to build better relationships, communicate more efficiently and inspire others to be great.  It’s not all about working out at CFA.  As our center of attention is on your fitness and strength gains, we put a big focus on creating significance within our culture.  We are here to make your life better.



The CFA community is positive and motivating.  Without the right positive mindset, it will be difficult for you to stay on the path to a successful and full life. Every day you must wake up with a desire to live life and achieve your goals.  Your attitude can make or break each day.  Having the right positive mental attitude will guide you through the tough times and allow you to enjoy the good times that much more.


4. Be truly PASSIONATE with your heart, body, and soul:

Each of the members and staff here at California Fitness Academy are dedicated individuals who live by this core value daily.   The passion you will see when you walk into CFA will be genuine and heartwarming.  You must enjoy the journey of life.  Showing passion towards your friends, your family, and your co-workers will be contagious.  If you have a passion to be healthy, you will inspire others to do the same. The CFA coaching team lives passionately every day and we use fitness and health to spread our motto.


5. Expect PERSONAL GROWTH in all aspects of your life:

This is an area we at CFA are truly passionate about.  Personal growth is the motivation to wake up every day knowing we can get a little better.  The team at CFA is constantly learning in the areas of strength and conditioning education, nutrition education, personal development, business, marketing, time management, and organization.  We will echo our knowledge to all of our members giving them the best and most comprehensive training program.


6. No ego, be HUMBLE and CARE for all people:

We truly are passionate for our members well being. We drop our ego so we can fully engage in the development of our members’ health and vitality.  At CFA we believe the key to life and performance success is to drop the ego.  This is a great quote that we live by, “You never have to say a word about yourself, because others will do it for you.”  It’s not just about “I”; it’s our team, our members and our community at California Fitness Academy.


7. Always DO YOUR BEST:

There is nothing more we can ask if you are giving your all.  Whether you are engaged in a workout, at a work meeting, reading a book, in a relationship or running a marathon, doing your ultimate best is imperative.  At the end of the day, if you only gave 60%, you just wasted a day.  Start giving 100% every day and watch your life take off.  Every aspect of your life will improve.  At CFA we are constantly asking our members and staff to DO THEIR BEST.  And each day, try and give a little more so you can continue to improve and get better.


8. A HEALTHY life is a life that we live:

This is why we, at California Fitness Academy, do what we do.  We see the impact of healthy living in each and every one of our members.  From professional athletes to general fitness enthusiasts, we must create this lifestyle habit so we can improve our fitness, conditioning and overall performance in the gym and in turn it will enhance our daily life.  Every coach at CFA will portray passion and motivation to live a healthy lifestyle.  It is our life and it will continue to drive us to higher levels of performance.


9. Daily DISCIPLINE will allow you to accomplish your goals:

California Fitness Academy teaches you to be disciplined to yourself, the choices you make and with your lifestyle habits.  Whether it pertains to exercise, your family, or your beliefs, you need a disciplined mindset day in and day out.  Every day you need to expect greatness and in order to do this you must set goals, be productive, have good time management and have a positive mental attitude.  Daily discipline will guide you to this way of life.


10. CFA will be the best part of your day:

We want your time at CFA to be the best part of your day.  Whether you are an employee, a member, or a guest, becoming ingrained in our culture will change your life.  You will become more positive, more confident and will truly start living your life to the ultimate fullest.