The CFA Playground: "Half Day" Recess Camps

PARENTS! Its time to toss the technology and get back to recess!. The CFA Playground will be hosting “Half Day Recess Camps”. Happening March 9th, 10th, 11th, (during VUSD parent/teacher conference days) each day from 12:30pm to 5:30pm.


Our structured RECESS half day camps ensure maximum activity. Campers will focus on enhancing overall strength in; running, climbing, endurance and coordination skills, along with casino online quiet time to work on daily studies


The price is $15/per day or $40 for all 3 days. (Sibling discounts available).

*We ask that attendees bring a lunch from home.
*Afternoon snack will be provided


For more info or to reserve a spot call (559)308-5288

CFA Playground: “Valentine’s Day Kids Night Out”

To all you parents out there!

Are you going out for Valentine’s Day? Drop off your ninjas at the CFA Playground (219 N. Court, in Downtown Visalia) and enjoy a date night. While you have a relaxing evening, your ninjas will be having a fun filled night!! Happening this Saturday, February 14th 6pm – 9pm. For CFA members it’s $10 and Non-members $15.

*Ninja’s ages 4 and up
Snack will be provided.

For more information, call us at 559.471.5704 or RSVP on Facebook at

Vinyasa Yoga at California Fitness Academy!

If you ever wanted to try Yoga at CFA, now’s your chance!!

Happening every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, come learn  Vinyasa Yoga from Yoga Instructor Kristen. You’ll go through a series of various poses and movements , which will take you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. Our Yoga Instructor Kristen McQuaide graduated from the Yoga Centre in San Luis Obispo, CA. with her 200 Hour YRT Certificate which is recognized by the Yoga Alliance. ‪

New Kid Ninja Classes Coming Soon!


TO CFA PLAYGROUND PARENTS: Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of our new business. We appreciate connecting with your kids and teaching them about movement and healthy living. We have seen the “Kid Ninja” classes tremendously grow the past few months. We are working diligently to better manage the larger classes to better accommodate every child and create better flow in the session.

Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks of the larger classes. One our first steps will be to add a “Kids Ninja Elite” Class, which will be for 9-12 year olds only. This class will alternate with our “Kids Speed” class every other Wednesday at 5:30 pm. The “Kids Ninja Elite” will start on February 4th (Next Kids Speed Class will be February 11th). If you have any questions, please let us know.

We are thankful of any and all feedback. We have some great things in store for the CFA Playground in the coming months so be on the look out!


CFA Mobile APP

California Fitness Academy is only a click away with our new mobile app! Keep up on all the latest happenings in and around both CFA and the Playground. From group class schedule to events, the CFA mobile app will keep you in the loop while you get FIT! To download the app, check out the links below.

iTunes Store:

Google Play Store:


2015 “Transformation Challenge”

Let 2015 be YOUR YEAR to get in the best shape of your LIFE. California Fitness Academy is proud to bring you the “Transformation Challenge” happening February 2nd to March 30th. With commitment and compliance to the program, you can lose up to 15 pounds of body fat during this 8 week challenge.


– Kick-off meeting, February 2nd at 7:00 pm
– High energy group workouts
– Nutrition coaching to help support your goals
– Lifestyle coaching to help you build healthy habits
– Private Facebook group with motivation, support, recipes, and accountability
– Bonus workshops on nutrition, goal setting, & success strategies
– Special workouts hosted by CFA Coaches
– $500 cash prize to the WINNER!!

For more information ask a CFA Coach or give us a call at 559.334.8990 Want to come to the kick-off meeting on February 2nd? RSVP on Facebook @

Young Athletes in the Gym

We live in an area where youth sports are very popular. Early specialization is becoming more common and youth strength and conditioning is becoming a trendy activity for young athletes. For kids under 15 years old, starting to work out is normal. In fact, more and more junior high students are seen at the gym working out. This is not a bad thing. What could be bad is the application of what they are doing. Between the ages of 8-15, the body is in a building and maturation phase. Most kids these ages lack coordination, movement skills, running mechanics and they seem to “flop” around like a fish out of water.


What should kids be focusing on when they do workout?


Here are few things to think about:


  1. Bodyweight strength is critical. Get this age group to become superior at bodyweight control. Once they can start understanding their own body’s movements and strength then you can start adding light external loads. Having bodyweight strength will create a solid foundation to build on the rest of their life.
  2. Improved running mechanics. Young athletes have poor running mechanics. They flop and flail all over the place. Teaching proper running mechanics can be a great way to add coordination and agility to the arsenal, all while increasing foot speed and running efficiency.
  3. Keep it simple. Youth athletes need the basic and simplest exercises. Getting too complicated too early means you are skipping progression steps and when you skip steps you risk injury. Focus on perfect push-ups, bodyweight squats, pull-ups, core strength and proper stretching mechanics.
  4. Stretching is huge. I see more and more young athletes super tight and immobile. At these ages the muscles should be stretchy and supple so we can run, jump and cut more efficiently and reduce injury.
  5. If it looks cool, it probably isn’t. Too many parents will see professionals on TV working out a certain way and then want their 9-year old kid doing the same things. Go back and read #3. You must keep it simple and master the basic exercises. Repetitive jumping, lifting and crunching will lead to overuse injuries.
  6. Weight training is about perfect form – no exceptions. When weight training is introduced do not let technique go by the waste side. Think “technical failure”. When you no longer have perfect form the set is completed.
  7. It’s about building lifestyle habits. Overall, this should be the #1 goal. A lot of kids have a dream of playing a professional sport but the odds are stacked against them. Teach them now how to be healthy and live healthy and they will have a healthy foundation the rest of their life.


Come check out our Youth Athlete Programs at California Fitness Academy and The CFA Playground.

Take your fitness from good to outstading with these tips

You have committed to a fitness plan, stuck with it, achieved some great results and are now looking for that next level. As you improve your performance, attaining results becomes more difficult and the increments of improvement decrease. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for that next step in your fitness lifestyle. You will just have to become a smarter athlete, and pay attention to the below strategies to gain the performance upgrades you are looking for.


  1. Recovery becomes a focal point. You train. That is not the problem. But how you recover dictates your improvement. Many high level fitness enthusiasts and athletes spin their wheels aiming for specific results, but fall short due to inadequate recovery habits. You need a training stress but too much stress without attention to recovery leads you down the wrong path. After a grueling workout, your body is at its weakest state, you have supplied stress, so what you do outside the gym matters and will assist your body recover outside training sessions. Adequate sleep, excellent nutritional habits (see #2), light movement and mobility sessions, and cold therapy protocols are all recovery habits that need to be implemented throughout the week to speed the overall rebuilding process and keep you improving. Don’t just get caught in training hard all the time. Train smart and your performance will reach new levels
  2. Nutritional upgrade. You have come a long way with your nutrition. You eat well, understand your nutrient needs and are consistent throughout the week but to see your overall performance take a step up, specifically dialing in your nutritional habits are necessary. Fine tuning your calorie intake to match your activity demands is a critical component. Also, altering your macro-nutrient (protein, carbohydrate and fat) intake to support your goals will guide you to better recovery (see #1) and higher levels of performance. Eat to train at high levels. The majority of your food intake should support your athletic performance and assist the entire process of gaining strength and fitness. Alcohol, processed and high sugar foods, fried foods, soda and trans fat should all be limited when attaining high fitness levels.
  3. Systemize your training. Unsystematic training might have been the method to get you from point A to point B. But to progress your fitness, you now need a smarter plan. Let me first tell you that there is nothing wrong with a random workout every now and then. I love to implement a training session that is unique and out of my normal routine during specific phases of my training but most of the time I am following a progressive system that will lead me to attaining my goals. Haphazard training is not the right method for ultimate performance. You need a specific plan that is built for your individual strengths and weaknesses. Simply following a “group workout” or random training session will only get you so far. One of the best things you can do is hire a qualified coach to help with the overall design of your program. A coach will assess and evaluate you on a constant basis. This process will keep you moving towards your ultimate goals.


In conclusion, the idea is to look for smarter and better ways to reach the goals you desire to achieve. If you are looking for a result, but continue doing the same thing, you will end up frustrated due to your lack of progress. You must change something. An overall smarter plan will help you take your fitness from good to great.

Be Consistent in 2015


The New Year is here and many people are embarking on resolutions to improve their fitness and lifestyle habits. In fact, it is the #1 resolution made. If getting in shape is your personal goal for the upcoming year, put a big focus on consistency, rather than extremity. Many people think they need extreme diets and excessive workout habits in order to achieve their fitness goals. This is not true. It is all about consistency when going after your goals. I would rather have someone workout three times a week for the entire year, then if they worked out hard for six weeks, then quit. Staying steady and consistent will lead you to the results you desire to achieve.


As you move through the year, you will have times when you will need to step things up, add an extra workout and eat a little better. But you will also have times when you need to back off a little, focus on recovery and allow your body to rebuild. Recognizing these feelings and listening to your body will be a tremendous component for you to consistently move towards your ultimate goal.


Which brings me to my next point; it’s important to know where you want to go. This is where goal setting will help you decide your destination. Whatever goal you have decided on, you must break the goal down into small action steps. What will you need to achieve today in order for you to move closer to your eventual goal? What will you need to achieve in January for you to move closer to your goal? What will you need to achieve in the first quarter of the year for you to move closer to your goal?


Example goal breakdown: “I will complete 208 workouts in 2015. In order for me to achieve this goal, I need to complete 52 workouts per quarter, 17 workouts per month and 4 workouts per week. I need to schedule those four workouts in my weekly schedule and not miss.”


Odds are, if you are consistently completing your daily and weekly action steps, it will lead you to achieving your monthly goal, which will guide you to achieving your quarterly goal and this process directs you to attaining your highest endeavors. Again, it’s all about consistency. If you see that you fell a little short one month, you simply step up the next month and get back on track.


Let 2015 be the year that is all about consistent healthy living. Forget the extreme diets and excessive workout habits. Just be consistent and you just might get in the best shape of your life.


Bring it on 2015!