The CFA Team


The CFA Team uses fitness and healthy living as an avenue to create a positive and healthier community. We have an extreme passion for what we do and we will continue to strive for this upper echelon in the community.  The coaching team at CFA will create significance with every member who is a part of our program. Because we are MORE THAN JUST A GYM.


Every CFA Fitness Coach is required to complete a comprehensive internship to learn the CFA Training System before they can train members.  Most importantly, everyone on the CFA team is a genuinely nice person and will be extremely dedicated to assisting members to reach their goals!

Justin Levine


“I literally wake up every day ready to motivate, inspire, coach and lead others to ultimate living.  I value my health, my energy, and my athleticism and see the positive impact these things can have on the rest of my life.  My family is my spark plug.  My wife is the most understanding and loving person I know.  I am grateful to have her as my best friend.  We are blessed to have three wonderful children, 2 girls (Olivia Jo-Jo, Bobbi Jo) and 1 boy (Riley Joe).   These kids are the bright spots in my day.  I always look forward to coming home and hugging my family.


I started in fitness by training my friends in college.  I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.  I didn’t have the expertise or credentials but I had PASSION and that is what drove me into this industry.  My passion led me to obtain my BA degree in Human Performance and Sport from New Mexico Highlands University.  Oh, by the way, I was a pretty good placekicker back in my hay day and I kicked through high school, college and had a short stint playing Arena Football.


After graduating, I became a “personal trainer” at a big box gym.  I loved coming to the gym every day and thought, “Man, I want to do this forever.”  Working with people became my life’s mission.  I use fitness, healthy nutrition, positive living, and personal growth as my avenues to echo my message that LIFE IS LIMITLESS and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  I believe in this message so much that in 2012 I ran 300 miles in 100 hours to prove the point that when you truly believe in yourself, surround yourself with positive and supportive people and have extreme determination, Anything does become possible.  I strive to instill this platform to everyone I come into contact with.


In 2006, I stepped out onto a ledge and into the self-employment world.  Standing on a tightrope without a net underneath me, I quickly realized that owning a business was treacherous.  But my determination, ambition, and passion as been my fuel to grow our company.  We started training clients in a small 2400 square foot medical building.  I made it a gym. In 2011 we moved into a 6500 square foot facility.  In 2016, we remodeled our building to gain more space for training.


I am truly grateful for the relationships that I have built and the people that are in my life.  I am determined to continue living life to the fullest.  The more people we can convince that positive and healthy living is the way to go, the better the world will become.  It is in our hands.


Thank you for visiting our website and if there is anything I can do or answer for you, please email me at  I promise to get back to you in a timely manner.”


 – Justin Levine

Get to know Justin Levine

Aaron Sing

Fitness Coach

For Aaron, fitness has always been a part of his life. He started hitting the weights early in high school with the football team.  It wasn’t until his college days where he really found the passion for fitness and health. It was more than a hobby for him, being a business major, he knew at some point he wanted to combine his love for fitness and his Business Management degree and enter into the fitness industry. It not only gave him a sense of direction but it gave him a purpose.  He wakes up everyday and practices what he preaches.

“We often forget fitness is more about looks and big muscle. It’s about moving better and feeling better as well. It’s More Than Muscle.”

Jody Williamson

Fitness Coach and Athlete Program Manager

Jody has been in the CFA family for over 7 years. Her journey began when she was on the College of Sequoias Softball team in 2007. She was 95 pounds and Coach told her, “For you to play on our team, you need to weigh 110 pounds.” Jody’s extreme determination and constant work ethic was revealed with this challenge and she achieved and surpassed the goal. She did not let anything get in her way. Fast forward 7 years and Jody is now a valuable asset to the CFA Team. After receiving her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Kinesiology, Jody came back to CFA to become a Fitness Coach. She has progressed into becoming not only a top coach but as of recently became our Fitness Coach Manager. Jody has tremendous integrity and is a person of high character. When Jody is not training clients or going through her own workouts, she spends time working on her parents ranch out in Yokohl Valley and hanging out with her family and friends.

Kyle Mccalister

Fitness Coach

Kyle is a dynamic individual with positive energy that exudes every single day.  Growing up in Visalia, Kyle has always been into athletics and fitness.  Growing up he was a competitive hockey and baseball player.  Once he graduated from Mt. Whitney high school, he found his passion in fitness and helping others get healthy.  He came into CFA with the willingness to improve and become a top notch coach.  CFA is very lucky to have this dynamic individual on our team.

Victor Raya

Fitness Coach

Victor is an individual with positive energy that is infectious to anyone around him. Once he graduated from Redwood high school, he found his passion for fitness and helping others.  He came into CFA with the willingness to improve and become a phenomenal coach.