Group Classes

Our group personal training sessions accommodate all fitness levels.  The CFA Coaches will manage the sessions in a smart and effective manner.  

Come try a workout anytime to see us in ACTION!

CFA Strength and Conditioning

This is the foundation of our program. A complete training session from start to finish that is structured to supply the body with functional movements that will enhance athleticism, strength, balance, coordination and conditioning.

Athletic Conditioning

Interval training set up for any level of fitness. Be ready to push the sled, slam the ropes, run sprints or perform intervals on the bike in a progressive and controlled manner.


A high tempo training session with a series of strength and conditioning drills designed to increase your fitness and spark your metabolism.


A series of bodyweight and conditioning drills set up in a timed circuit.

Mix Up

High energy, a mix of strength and intervals. Finish your night in this evening class on a high note!

Core Fitness

The first half of the class will teach you to utilize your core correctly to assist in total body strength. The second half of the class will incorporate high-intensity intervals to improve your overall fitness.