Fierce Females

This dynamic program is led by CFA Coach, Kelsey Chrisman, who supplies her unique strategies to get you in the best shape of your life.  Be empowered and gain confidence with this high energy program.  Results will happen when you commit to this all Female program.

A STRONG WOMAN IS A CONFIDENT WOMAN!10169393_10201792743962431_1182303007_n

  • Positive and fun atmosphere
  • Smart training
  • Motivation and accountability
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Life changing results!

Training Sessions:

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday at 5:30 am, 8:15am, 5:30pm


As a woman in her late 50’s I had never participated in any fitness program. I lived a sedentary lifestyle between work and my personal life. I heard about CFA and a program they created for women only. The first step for me would be showing up more than a week without finding an excuse to quit. That was 15 months ago and I’m still here!  I have now entered into the next decade in age and I can honestly say my nutrition, physical mobility, strength and emotional health are at its highest ever!  I know the reason is because CFA and Fierce Fit proved to me that YES I CAN!    Doreen, CFA Member