Foundations of Fitness Program

Starting August 8th, California Fitness Academy is proud to you a new program called “The Foundations of Fitness”.


It is a customized four-week program that will give you the tools to build the foundation to a healthy lifestyle while providing a comfortable and confident positive atmosphere. Through safe and smart training plans, an applied focus on correct movement in exercise, unintimidating nutritional guidance, a supporting staff of coaches via an online private Facebook group, which will provide; encouragement, guidance, and information that will set you up to be successful in whatever form that may be.


This program will include: 

•  Kick off meeting

•  Twice a week Group Fitness

•  Private Facebook Group for daily support, motivation, and accountability

•  Nutritional guidance

•  In depth movement assessment, correction, and implementation

• Special pricing to our Fall “Drop a Notch” Challenge.


Call us now at (559).334.8990 to sign up!