We are more than just a gym. We use fitness and nutrition coaching as an avenue to help you live life to the fullest.

We are here to guide you and keep you motivated. At any time if you need someone to talk to or have any questions regarding our programs, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will teach you safe and effective exercise that will improve your performance and fitness, decrease pain and injury and increase your vitality. Our members are very important to us and we want you getting RESULTS!!

Every member runs through the CFA training system that Owner Justin Levine built and perfected over the last 10 years.  Our energetic Fitness Coaches manage the sessions according to the individual needs of the client (s) they are working with.  The training staff meets weekly to discuss new training techniques, training organization, facility management and other unique situations.  This keeps the entire team on the same page regarding training and nutrition.


CFA Fitness Assessment

Please take advantage of our complimentary Fitness Assessment. We want to prove to you that our system is top of the tier fitness training. You will first sit down with a CFA coach to talk about goals, health and exercise history and any past injuries. The assessment then takes you through a series of drills and exercises to assess your current fitness levels and movement capabilities. THIS IS NOT A FITNESS TEST!  We also want to teach you about our training system and philosophies during this evaluation so this assessment will give you a sense of how we train.

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Group Personal Training

CFA’s group personal training program is a complete fitness system that will target every area of your body. You will burn more calories, build your total body strength, improve your stamina and become more athletic. Learn more about our Group Personal Training classes.


Semi-Private Personal Training

Small group training is the new wave of fitness training.  This program gives you the individuality of a one-on-one training session and the energy level of a group workout.  Not only are you sharing the costs of a personal fitness coach but also getting a training session that is fun, motivating and keeps you accountable. You will build strong friendships that will last a lifetime.  Learn more about our Semi-Private Personal Training classes.


Private Personal Training, 1-on-1

Our private training program is a complete individual plan. We will build a detailed blueprint that is proven to guide you to achieving your goals. During this in-depth instruction, you will get 100% full attention every training session, individual nutrition coaching, motivational texts and emails and more! Learn more about our Private Personal Training classes.


Fierce Female Program

Are you a female looking for a tough, lean and strong body?  Do you want to drop body fat, gain strength and feel confident?  Our FIERCE FEMALE program is a small group training system just for females.  At CFA, we teach our women to train correctly utilizing weight training, interval conditioning and smart nutrition planning.  Let us show you the new wave of fitness training just for the female.  We lift weights, we do it right, we build relationships and we CHANGE LIVES!  Find out more about Fierce Females or Contact Kelsey Schulte for more information.


Individual Consultation

If you are looking to enhance your individual program then this consultation will help you take your fitness to the next level. This is a 2-meeting consultation. The first meeting (about an hour) we discuss goals, workout and nutrition strategies and an overall game plan. The 2nd meeting, (30 minutes), discusses the blueprint, any exercises that are prescribed and we will answer any questions you might have.

The investment is $150 for this blueprint.

Examples: Nutrition coaching, triathlon/run coaching, general fitness coaching, etc.

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Athlete Training

CFA is home to many of the best athletes in the Central Valley. We teach our athletes to train with intellect, precision and determination. Our system is proven to reduce injury, improve explosiveness and power, increase functional strength and enhance speed. Learn more about our Athlete Training Programs.


CFA’s program for athletes promotes a balanced and technically proficient approach to increase strength, speed, flexibility, mobility, and nutritional energy. Consequently, our chronic-type injuries have been reduced by 35% over the past 7 years.  Our athletes gain knowledge on how to fuel their bodies responsibly for maximum energy and performance.    Coach Michelle Bolt, College of Sequoias Softball