Training for all levels of fitness

We will build your body up, not break it down.  Our personal training incorporates safe movements, proper mechanics and positive coaching.  You will improve your strength and conditioning and functional mobility.  We will take the time to teach you proper exercise technique. No big groups.  No bootcamp style training.  We have a controlled environment that focuses on each individual during the workout.


Small Group Personal Training

This is our most popular program.  This is personal training in a small group environment.  This session will have 3-8 people per session. You will get a full body strength and fitness program, consistent nutritional guidance, and personal accountability. If you have specific weight loss, fitness or performance goals, and enjoy working out with others, this is the program for you.

$237/month, 2x/week

$297/month, 3x/week

$367/month, 4x/week

(See workout schedule)

Private 1 on 1 Training

This is an exclusive training program that is built exactly for YOU. Everything from the workout design to the nutrition plan, to the schedule accommodation, will be customized to fit your goals and lifestyle.

(Ask us about our Private 2 on 1 training plan also. Great for a married couple or partner who wants to train exclusively with each other.)

*Please call for pricing information

*All private clients will also gain access to our open session schedule


Sports Performance

We have trained athletes as young as 8 years old and from a wide variety of sports: Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Golf, Wrestling, MMA, and more. Please call us to get more details and to find out about our seasonal schedule.

6-week Fall Program

We are looking for 15 individuals who want to transform their fitness this Fall.

Our 6-week Fall Program will give you the tools to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Let us help you achieve your goals.  We have built a program that works.

Starting date is Monday, August 26th.

Spots will go quickly!

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