Success happens when consistent ACTION is accomplished.  At California Fitness Academy, it’s all about RESULTS!  We want you to be successful and we will provide constant motivation, accountability, education and positive reinforcement so you can achieve your goals.  We will guide, coach and motivate every member to be successful.  Working with a fitness coach is all about being compliant.  If you follow our coaching tips and adhere to our program, you will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


The following results are just a few of California Fitness Academy’s members’ success stories.


"I am leaner, I am stronger, both physically and mentally."

“I have never had a weight issue, seemed to always be okay with my body, but ever since I joined CFA I started seeing my body change into something I never thought I’d physically be.  I am leaner, I am stronger (both physically and mentally), I have more definition, both in my arms and legs and my overall life energy has improved.  I now have muscles in my back and legs that I love!  I have arms strong enough that I am able to do handstands, which I never thought I would do.  I love it when people ask me, “what are you doing different?” I tell them I changed my gym and my food lifestyle.  I go to California Fitness Academy and they have taught me both nutrition and fitness and they have taken me to a level I thought I would never be at, especially at 48.  I am more fit today than I have ever been in my entire life.”


"CFA has shown me a new way to LIVE LIFE!"

“I just finished my college softball career when I first came to CFA.  I was in decent shape.  My eating habits were poor.  I quickly figured that it was in my hands to change my physique based on my nutrition and lifestyle patterns.  I began a lifestyle journey by slowly working on making changes in my workouts, my nutrition and my mindset.  I can honestly say that CFA has CHANGED MY LIFE.  The things I have learned through CFA’s program, I now echo the message to the members.  Without a doubt, CFA is the best place to train!”


"I have lost 110 pounds in 12 months. I did it the right way thanks to CFA!"

“CFA has truly changed my life.  In 12 months, I have lost over 110 pounds!  I am a better father, husband and professional.  I have more energy, strength and stamina.  The key to my success was understanding that nutrition was the vital component to body transformation.  Yes, I worked out and I have built my fitness pretty significantly but nutritionally I have completely changed.  I have logged my food for 350 straight days.  Not that you need to be so extreme but logging my food keeps me accountable and has helped me lose the weight.  My life is different now and I LOVE IT!  Thank you to all the CFA coaches who have motivated and supported my journey.”

Rae Ann

"I feel like I can accomplish anything. Thanks CFA!"

“I have changed my entire life in a very positive way through the teachings and training of CFA.  This is a process and the coaches at CFA have taught me to keep striving and stay determined to reach my goals.  They motivate me every workout, create fun and cutting edge training plans and are there for me when I need someone to talk to.  I recommend CFA to anyone looking to change their life and reach ultimate fitness levels.”


"Consistency is the key to succeeding. Don't give up!"

“I lost a significant amount of weight before coming to CFA but was in a plateau and I needed the next level.  CFA came at the right time in my life.  I needed a smarter approach as I was just beating my body into the ground.  CFA’s program gave me a more intellectual approach, taught me to train smarter, not harder and I have seen big gains.  I am very fortunate to be in a position to help and train others in their journey.  CFA is not just a place to workout, it’s a place to build relationships, support others and the community is like my 2nd family.”


"Seriously, CFA is the place to be, plain and simple!"

“I have worked out for over two years with CFA.  I love pushing in the gym and finding that next level during training.  I decided to participate in CFA’s Transformation Challenge and this is where I finally got it!  I realized how crucial healthy nutrition is to the whole equation.  And this is not about eating some bland and boring diet.  CFA taught me to build a healthy lifestyle and that quality eating can be fun.  Not only did my body change, but my energy sky rocketed, my work productivity increased and I find myself in better moods throughout the day.  And I am not stopping!  I plan to continue this way of life the REST OF MY LIFE!  It’s a lifestyle.  CFA is truly a life changing facility!  Thank you CFA!”


"CFA is not just some place I workout, its part of my life now."

“I have been attending CFA for two years and I have lost over 60lbs.  CFA is not like the cookie cutter gym I was used to.  It is an elite training facility that focuses on each individual during their sessions. The workouts are addicting and show results. The training staff is amazing. They push you and encourage you to do your best.  Since I joined CFA my mindset went from, “I have to go work out” to “I WANT to go work out!”  CFA is not just a gym for me, its part of my life now.  Thanks CFA!”


"Best choice I ever made for my health!"

“California Fitness Academy is more than a gym. It’s a family. You show up for a group session and get to know people and we all encourage and push one another to be our best.  I am in the best shape of my adult life and I will continue to train at CFA for years to come.  It’s the best choice I ever made for my health.”