Semi-Private Personal Training


Small group training is the new wave of fitness training. This session gives you the individuality of a one-on-one training session and the energy level of a group workout. Not only are you sharing the costs of a personal fitness coach but also getting a training session that is fun, motivating and keeps you accountable. You will build strong friendships that will last a lifetime.


We will write up a program that accommodates the group but also focuses on each individual’s specific objectives. All “Semi-private” members get full access to our Group Training Sessions, full access to the facility and specific nutrition guidance.


Training with my group at CFA keeps me energized in training sessions because we are sharing in a common goal of self-improvement. My mates help to keep me consistent in my training, and make it more fun! Gardner, CFA Member



What I like about working out in a small group is that it motivates me to show up and work hard while I’m there. Each member of the group encourages one another, making the workout fun. We have become friends and hold each other accountable.  Gig, CFA Member