30 Day Trial Membership


If you’re looking for a sign, this is it! Having the courage to start is the hardest part but this is your opportunity to change.


The CFA Trial Membership Includes:


– Unlimited group personal training classes

– Personal assessment with one of our coaches

– Full access to the facility

– Nutrition and motivation information packets 



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*Only $99 for trial membership*

*this trial membership is ONLY for individuals who have never been to the facility.*


Learn more below about what our members have to say about CFA.


“As a CFA member, I strive for consistency with my workouts.  Physically, my walking has improved.  I’ve gained overall body strength, which I can see the difference daily. I can now run during gym workouts, after 20+ years of not running!” – Karen, CFA Member.




“Meeting new people, making friends, and building existing friendships is my favorite. Also, realizing all the things I can do that I thought I couldn’t. Gaining confidence is important and hard to do sometimes. I also love that the coaches are invested in me. If I need anything, have a question/concern, they are always there and that means a lot!!!” – Leah, CFA Member.




“My favorite aspect of coming to the gym is knowing at the end of a stressful workday, I have an activity to go to that will help refocus my attention and re-energize me. The other members of the group fitness classes and trainers, motivate me to keep pushing ahead” – David, CFA Member.




“The staff is amazing. I love how when you walk in the door you are immediately greeted with smiling faces, hellos, and high fives. We could not ask for a more encouraging and not intimidating environment to workout in. The other clients are great too and we have formed so terrific friendships with them. No matter what your level, the coaches are there to encourage, assist, and challenge you to do and be your best.” – Stephanie and Tim, CFA Members. 




“I am seeing so many improvements in the way I look and feel and it is the cornerstone to continued motivation and grit in progressing in my journey; my life. Appreciating every small improvement, every loose button, every belt notch and every extra step taken without becoming winded. All of these empower my success to strive for more each day regardless of outside life variables.” – Juan, CFA Member.