CFA Playground, Coming in September!

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We are proud to announce that we will be opening up a 2nd location!!  This new facility will be called The CFA Playground.  The location will be right next door to the downtown Pita Kabob & Grill at 219 N Court Street.  We will have ropes to climbs, parallel bars, climbing cargo net, climbing wall, vaults to jump on and over and many more “fun” playground tools.  There is a rumor that 4-Square is making a comeback at The Playground!  Think of CFA #1 as your subjects in school like math, science and english.  We need those subjects as the foundation of our education.  The CFA Playground will be recess.  So no matter where you currently workout, The CFA Playground will compliment your program and give you the recess we all need to get out and PLAY!



Owner, Justin Levine is excited to open The CFA Playground.


CFA Playground Mission Statement:
Movement is the cure. Exploring and learning about your body from the inside out is critical to reaching your ultimate self.  The CFA Playground will focus on primal activities (crawling, climbing, hanging, running, etc.) that will challenge each individual’s skill set.  We want to teach people how to express themselves through movement.  The training will not be a “one size fits all” approach.  We understand that every individual is unique and our coaching will take that into consideration.   


CFA Playground Classes: (Classes will begin September 1st.  Schedule will go public the last week of August)

Recess: Open playground where you can practice and master the playground.  A coach will be on the floor to administer safe execution.

Primal Fitness: Move and feel better with this fun, innovative and challenging training session that will utilize and teach natural human movements.

Climbing and Crawling: Ropes, cargo net, wall climbs and crawling.  Get strong, functional and fit with this bodyweight class.

Kid’s Ninja: Learn to move like a Ninja. Crawling, climbing, running, jumping and FUN! For kids 12 and under.

Primal Running: Learn drills and specific movements to improve your running mechanics so you can improve your running lifestyle. (For the marathoner or the sprint athlete)

Playground Strength: Gain massive strength by mastering basic movements like pull-ups, push-ups, hanging, climbing and single leg work.

Playground Power: Increase your lower and upper body explosiveness with this training session. Resisted running, medicine ball slams, jumping and more!

Playground Conditioning: A fun series of activities utilizing the entire CFA Playground. Be prepared to get your heart rate moving!

Playground Mobility: Get away from your desk for these 20-30 minute sessions designed to promote muscle recovery, blood flow, movement and posture.



August 19th-August 22nd: Painting the inside

August 22nd-August 25th: Flooring installed

August 25th – August 31st: Equipment installation

September 1st: Training schedule begins

September 1st – September 30th: Trial Membership for $39 or “Year Paid in Full” Deal for $588

*Trial membership gets you unlimited access to The CFA Playground

*Lock in a once in a lifetime deal for unlimited access to The CFA Playground by paying for 1-year upfront.  This deal will only be available in the month of September.


Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our website for more updates and details.


If you have any questions, please direct them to Owner, Justin Levine.




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