Training for all levels of fitness

Our training incorporates safe movements, proper mechanics and positive coaching.  You will improve your strength and conditioning and functional mobility.  We will build your body up, not break it down.


Small Private Group Training

This is our most popular program.  This session will have 3-7 people per session. It’s personal training in a small group. You will get a full body strength and fitness program, consistent nutritional guidance, and personal accountability. If you have specific fitness or performance goals, this is the program for you.

$337/month for 9 sessions/month

$437/month for 13 sessions/month

*we have session availability 5am-7:30pm

Private Training

This is an exclusive training program that is built exactly for the individual who is training. Everything from the workouts to the nutrition plan will be customized to fit your goals and lifestyle. (Ask us about our Private 2 on 1 training plan also. Great for a married couple or partner who wants to train exclusively with each other)

$497/month for 5 private session/month

$1047/month for 12 private sessions/month

Group Training

Group training will have between 6-20 people in a session.  But don’t worry about the large numbers, we have a system that keeps the session controlled, focused and individualized for each person.  We have sessions every day of the week ranging from high intensity interval sessions to strength and conditioning workouts.

$187/month for unlimited classes

$157/month for 3x/week classes


CFA All Womens

Our all-women’s functional training program is perfect for the female who wants to be around other like-minded women. The training is a CFA style program that will work the entire body in a controlled and smart way. This program will also guide you through the ins and outs of setting up a nutrition plan specific to your lifestyle and goals. Meet with one of our coaches to see if this program is right for you.

Trial Membership

Our 30 day trial is giving you a first hand look at our program.  You will get full access to our group training program, 4 small private group sessions, a nutritional strategy session, and full use of our facility.  ONLY $67!!

Set up a strategy session with one of our awesome coaches to get started.

Sports Performance

The CFA Sports Performance Program is a complete system that teaches the body to work together and improve overall athleticism. We have trained athletes as young as 8 years old and from a wide variety of sports: Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Golf, Wrestling, MMA, and more. Please call us to get more details and to find out about our seasonal schedule.

January "Training Camp"

Coming in January...

Get ready for our January “Training Camp” program.  We will be looking for a select number of individuals who will be committing to an 8-week all inclusive strength, conditioning, nutrition and recovery program.  We will test fitness metrics, body composition and teach you a nutrition plan that will help you burn fat and build muscle.  If you want more information, click here and get in touch.